Hello,it is I.

I am a charming hypocrite,a beautiful liar if you even. But it is okay. Mama says it’s a phase, I’ll grow out of it. Mama’s never wrong. Except when she is. There’s nothing special about me.I apologize too much,for what I say especially. Then I *unapologize or apologize for my apology. I can’t help it. […]

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Dear depression…

It’s high time you and I sat down and redefined this relationship of ours. First of all, this is my house, my meeting. Honey, I don’t mean to be a dictator but Ill set the ground rules. 1. You’re not to raise your opinion at any point during this meeting. Murmuring, fidgeting and feigning boredom […]

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Lie to me…

Lie to me Soak me in it, Serve it to me on a silver platter feed it to me till I can’t take no more Wrap me in it,let me lay on it Get me completely hooked on it Let it’s thrill run hot through my veins Let it burn my insides out,spreading soot to […]

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Am on the edge of glory…

​ Am on the edge of glory,hanging by the noose and yes,am high on it. Like a mighty wave of freshness,a burst of joy everlasting;am invincible.Like Pharaoh on a golden chariot;am untouchable.Like a baby crying for it’s mother’s milk;am beyond reproach.Like a bride on her wedding day;am the envy of all.Like a child on Christmas […]

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​All is fair in love and war.This kind of love is at war.This kind of war is unfair.I have failed to understand.  As the sun sets today so do you.To say you’ll be missed is not enough and my tears do nothing short of dignifying you.You’ve done well by society’s standards. Its funny how half […]


…but breathe anyway

Just breathe,it won’t take the pain away but just breathe, it won’t make it hurt any less but just breathe, it won’t dry the tears but just breathe, it won’t erase the memories but just breathe, it won’t heal but breathe anyway. I know it hurts,it burns, it stings,it scorches,it kills–slowly.I can see that scream […]

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She’s everywhere She’s everywhere No space   Can’t see      Can’t breathe         Can’t feel              Can’t… She’s everywhere At the back of my mind  Behind my eyes     The centre of my dreams She’s everywhere The reflection of the sea  That of the mirror    That in my eye She’s everywhere A chill in the night sky  A silent whimper […]



Hey ladies! Y’all looking for Mr.Right,right?Well,I have some good news,I FOUND HIM! Is he tall,dark and handsome? Does he have killer abs and sideburns?Dimples? Well groomed?Blue eyes? British accent?Big car? Sense of humour? Side smile? Curly hair? Classy shoes? Active fashion sense?  Is he dreamy? Does the sun set in his eyes? Unfortunately not.It is […]

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Thorns without roses…

I am that big ugly crack on your wall the stumbling block by which you’ll fall the noose by which you’ll hang the guillotine in over your head I am the terror of the night the spiky bones in your fish the thorn in your flesh the nightmare in your dreams I am the acid […]

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